Backtrack by Ian Zamorano / Sick Snaps

Friday, July 13 was the first day of Sound and Fury at the Belasco Theater in the heart of Los Angeles. The two day long festival was stacked with great bands from Ceremony, Rotting Out, Citizen, Backtrack, Cold World, and Negative Approach to even more amazing bands such as BIB, Ingrown, Dare, Ecostrike, Initiate, and Bracewar. As you can imagine, the pileups, moshing, and crowd surfing were at a greater scale than your average backyard show.

It’s always great to see all types of people from different backgrounds in one enormous theater grooving and thrashing to the same type of music that everyone loves. It’s just great being in a place that has no judgement and is all full of love and positivity in the enjoyment of hardcore music. It’s amazing seeing these bands play and really just having fun at what they do best, which is rocking out. Throughout the two-day event, there was nothing but good vibes, sing-a-longs, friendly love, and respect for one another.


Teenage Wrist

Dead Heat

Oso Oso




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