Neurosis by Harper King / Sick Snaps

On July 8, the Neurosis Summer 2018 tour passed through Portland, OR at the Roseland Theater. This bill featured Amenra, Converge, and Neurosis. Amenra, a band from Belgium, kicked off the show. They provided a highly theatrical and moody set for an already crowded room. A friend told me prior to their set that they have a heavy amount of creative visuals, and they did not disappoint! After warming up with Amenra, Converge took the stage. Vocalist, Jacob Bannon, continuously provided an active and engaging set. Running from one side of the stage to another, the crowd moved along. With high energy still running through the room, Neurosis closed the show. Their set remained slightly more mellow, as the night wrapped up. A crowded room continued to move and dance throughout the night. All in all, each band gave their own unique set to the bill, creating a well rounded, entertaining show for Portland.




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Written by Harper King
Harper King is a photographer for Sick Snaps. She’s originally from Alaska, but moved to Portland to find more opportunities as a show photographer. You can find her listening to Bilmuri, Have Mercy, Sharptooth, Modern Baseball, State Champs, and many others.