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Bidding farewell to something that became a constant in life is never easy, but as with everything in life, nothing is guaranteed to last forever. The Vans Warped Tour is currently finishing its final cross-country run, and the impact that this tour has had on the alternative scene has become more transparent than ever.

As I (Cassie) write this, it’s been exactly four years since I attended my first Warped Tour in Portland, OR. With the tour not reaching the Pacific Northwest this year, I’m unfortunately missing its finale, but instead living it vicariously through social media. For many, they’ve attended or played Warped tens of times, but for others (such as our contributor, Ian) it was their first and last chance to experience this huge, thrilling festival. Warped allowed me to see artists who I may not have otherwise been able to afford to see because I’d instead be spending money to see another band that I already knew. This led me to becoming more attached to these bands, and encouraged me to make them apart of my future concert plans. It gave so many the chance to work on a tour for the first time or learn the ropes through volunteering at their local date. That being said, as one door closes, many more are opening for this generation of music fans to create something new. I’m eager to see what the future holds, and curious as to what next summer will be like without Warped Tour as we currently know it.

In closing, I’d like to share my favorite memory from the couple years I got to attend the festival… There was nothing that compared to the feeling of getting to see my favorite local bands work extremely hard to earn a slot on the local date of Warped Tour, and to see them perform on the same festival as the bigger, more well-known bands that everyone loves filled me with pride for my local scene. The mix between old and new artists was incomparable. I’m really going to miss the early morning excitement of waiting in line for one of the best days of summer.

Now onto Ian’s experience at the Vans Warped Tour’s 2018 Pomona date:

My experience at the last Vans Warped Tour was extremely bittersweet. Funny enough, this was my actual first year of being at Warped Tour, but I was ecstatic to be covering their last year. Yes, it was probably 100 degrees outside, but that did not stop everyone from having a great time. Everyone was running to see their favorite bands at various stages across the fairgrounds. There was so much to see and do—whether it was shopping at your favorite band’s merch table, seeing your favorite band play, getting some grub to keep that energy flowing, going to your favorite band’s signing, or just walking around to see the sights of the whole festival. Yes, the sun was bringing in the heat, but so did the bands. The bands absolutely did not disappoint. It was very nostalgic seeing some bands that I use to listen back in the day (and I’m talking years ago!), and it was also great to see bands that I listen to currently. Bands like 3OH!3, Issues, Simple Plan, Chelsea Grin, and The Used made me feel extremely old (I’m only 23 years old by the way), but it was super awesome to see all these bands play live.

Everyone was in a great mood despite the sun beating down on us. Warped Tour was just full of happy-go-lucky people of all ages just living it up and being friendly to one another. It just felt right being in a crowd of people who know all the lyrics to “I’m Just A Kid” by Simple Plan or “Mess” by Real Friends. Whether you liked punk music or heavy metal music, everyone seemed like a big family, and I think that is what Warped Tour is all about. All the bands really showed the huge mix that Warped Tour has offered the past 23 years. What started out as pumping adrenaline to get the party going in the morning, ended with a lot of people in tears when the show was over. It was emotional and as I said, bittersweet. But hey, maybe the team has another huge festival up their sleeves. All in all, the Vans Warped Tour really pushed to curate awesome lineups and gave everyone a home away from home.


Knuckle Puck

Real Friends

Chelsea Grin



Mayday Parade

Simple Plan

The Used

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