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With a long collaborative history and a big move across the country, John and Joe have challenged themselves, grown as writers and musicians, and the result is one of their strongest releases to date in the form of their upcoming single, “Honeyman,” out June 15.

John and Joe were originally part of the Pacific Northwest music scene in a band called Medium Size Kids, but wrapped that project up in 2016, and have since moved to Nashville. Their sound carries many of the same musical influences, but presents itself in a more mature, refined, and unique way. To learn more about the duo and their growth, check out my interview with them below:

How has moving from the PNW to Nashville influenced you as musicians/writers?

Besides the entire process and reasons for moving across the country being a huge influence, we had a lot of people telling us the competition here was going to be steep. We found out right away that was true and that we’d need to really challenge ourselves if we wanted to feel confident about our music among players much better than us. That being said sometimes we go to shows, and think “we could do this better,” so Nashville is still somewhat of an even playing field.

What’s been your experience as a two-piece in comparison to previous projects?

Joseph and I have been writing songs together since we were 14 years old. So it feels natural as it always has. Our processes are different but a lot of what inspires us is the same and when it’s just the two of us in a room the ideas flow a lot quicker. One of the biggest differences with a two piece is that you have to split recording costs, promotional expenses and gas between just two people rather than four or five.

How has your creative process and overall sound shifted with this new project?

With our last band we wrote a lot of the songs at the computer. Or we would set up in a room and jam until we thought of a cool idea. Since moving to Nashville Joe and I have gotten away from writing on the computer and put more focus toward playing our instruments in a room and just hammering out entire songs before we record them.

What’s been your experience in Nashville’s music scene in comparison to the PNW?

It’s been a lot different. There is a ton of talent just about everywhere you go, so you want to practice and write to be the best you can be. A lot of people down here are like-minded and very supportive of each other. Even if they can’t help you out, chances are they know someone who can. It’s really cool being part of a community that offers that.

What’s something you’d like people to know before listening to this?

We really took a leap of faith moving away from everything we knew back in the Pacific Northwest. Once we settled and homesickness wore off, we were able to take in our surroundings and write songs with a totally new perspective. We are proud of this song and hope our friends, family, and any fans out there love it!

“Honeyman” is out June 15, but you can pre-save it on Spotify right now by clicking here!

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Written by Cassie Wilson
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