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Now going under the moniker ‘Dearly,’ Amanda Jones has grown a lot as a writer and musician, and that’s beautifully reflected in her new single, “Get With You Alone.” After a move to Nashville and some time spent growing, Jones is ready to keep pushing forward and build on this new endeavor. Learn more about Dearly in our interview below.

How did the opportunity to work with Morgan and John of Boys Like Girls come about? Did it have anything to do with that Best of Friends holiday show at the end of 2013?

Yes it was totally that! Linked up with Morgan at that Portland show I opened for and it led to being able to go out to LA and work with them a couple different times.

What was your experience like working with them? How did he influence your creative process?

It’s been a couple years now, but it was a really cool experience-the music we made fit my vibe really well at the time.

When did you make the move to Nashville? What inspired the move and how has it shaped things for you?

I made the move to Nashville in January- honestly, I needed a drastic change of pace. I felt trapped in Portland and needed to make a jump. My best friend lives in Nashville and the music scene here is more of my vibe than LA, so it just felt right. It hasn’t been easy but I’m SO happy to be here.

What is the music scene like in Nashville compared to Portland? Are there things that are working better over there for you and the music you’re making?

One thing that is similar to the Portland music scene, is a super strong sense of community. Everyone is very supportive and encouraging which is so rad- something that really isn’t present in LA/again made me stoked to move to Nashville.

For people who are new to you and your music, give us the highlights of what you’ve been up to in the past few years leading up to this single.

I recorded this song a year and a half ago, and when it came to life I realized I wasn’t the same artist anymore and needed to make some changes and grow before I could release it, so I’ve spent this time just writing, learning and growing as a person/artist.

You go under the moniker ‘Dearly’ now—what brought about this change?

I was brainstorming ideas over a year ago and this one just stuck..I wanted a project title with meaning, and thought this really encompassed who I had become as a person/ artist. Dearly means very much: greatly, deeply- with this project, I wanted to be sincere and real with every aspect of it.

Does the new era that is Dearly represent a step forward and away from your previous material?

Totally! This project is completely different than anything I’ve done before and I’m really excited to see where it takes me.

When you perform, is it just you or do you have a band? Are there any plans to expand the lineup or are you feeling good about where you’re at?

I’m hoping to play full band/partial band shows this year- fingers crossed!

Who were your musical influences for this single?

Lana Del Rey and Angel Olsen were some inspirations for me on this one.

What does “Get With You Alone” mean to you as a first single under your new project?

I think for me, having “Get With You Alone” as my debut is a perfect launch into my new chapter as Dearly because of it’s sultry sound and throwback feel. It really channels everything I’ve wanted to be as an artist, and it’s exciting to think this is only the beginning.

Goals and plans for the rest of the year?

My goal for the rest of the year is to continuously write/record/release music and create visual content! 2018 is all about growth for me in many forms, and I’m just striving to do my best and be as creative as I can in every aspect of my life.

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Written by Cassie Wilson
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