Yamantaka // Sonic Titan by Brian Benavente / Sick Snaps

Toronto’s Yamantaka // Sonic Titan came to the Doug Fir on April 9. Y//ST is touring off their record Dirt, their first record since 2013. The band is hard to pigeonhole into a specific genre, so I will give you the best description I can… The band is like if Godzilla / Kaiju movie had a soundtrack that was created in collaboration by the composer Elmer Bernstein (who did the animated movie “Heavy Metal”) and Matt Pike from Sleep / High On Fire fame. I know that might be a really wild description, but that’s the best I can do. It was a very fun show with beautiful vocal work and incredible musicianship. It felt like I was taken through a journey with each song. Nothing felt too short or long—the length of each song left me completely satisfied. Local band Malt Lizard opened up the night with their experimental noise-punk. The two piece was the perfect mood setter for the night. Check out my photos of the show:

Malt Lizard

Yamantaka // Sonic Titan

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Written by Brian Benavente
Brian Benavente is a photographer for Sick Snaps. He’s from Alaska, but is currently residing in Portland, Oregon. His passions in life are coffee, film photography, and music. He shoots film to make a memory last a lifetime or two; whether that is his surroundings or shows, it’s just about the best moments of life.