This Will Destroy You by Brian Benavente / Sick Snaps

Post-rock staple This Will Destroy You went on a small West Coast tour celebrating the 10-year anniversary of their acclaimed self-titled release. As well as playing that record entirely, they also played their other earlier record, Young Mountain. The Wonder Ballroom was packed to see the Texan natives play and enjoy two records which could rightfully be placed in a top ten all-time post-rock records list. The opener was local artist Randall Taylor who goes by the alias Amulets. His performance was full of loops, effects, and a beautiful motion picture projecting onto him and a backdrop. The entire night was a very atmospheric and frisson inducing experience.


This Will Destroy You

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Written by Brian Benavente
Brian Benavente is a photographer for Sick Snaps. He’s from Alaska, but is currently residing in Portland, Oregon. His passions in life are coffee, film photography, and music. He shoots film to make a memory last a lifetime or two; whether that is his surroundings or shows, it’s just about the best moments of life.