Knuckle Puck by Christopher Mounts

Knuckle Puck’s spring headliner made its way to Las Vegas at the beginning of this month, and having not seen 4 of the 5 bands on the bill, I was excited for this Monday night show.

I had wildly low expectations for crowd interaction (and at the beginning of the show, low expectations for crowd turnout) seeing as this venue was basically on the Las Vegas strip (the part you see in all of the movies) and it was the Monday night after Spring break. When Jetty Bones got ready to hit the stage, I’d say that the venue was about 20% full. I’ve always really liked the idea of Jetty Bones, their music is inviting and Kelc Galluzzo’s voice is warm. I really can’t think of a more charming, energetic, or fun way to start the night. Their set was great, playing six or seven songs, having some funny banter with the crowd, and even being able to squeeze a few honest and meaningful comments about sexual assault in without interrupting the vibe of the show. Hot Mulligan played next, playing mostly songs off of their new release, Pilot. Free Throw had the most crowd interaction at this point. There was a very dedicated group of people in the middle of the crowd that knew every word, every song, and had way more fun than anyone else in the room. I’m not too familiar with Free Throw, except I know that they do a KILLER Chance the Rapper cover of “Same Drugs” on their newest release (an EP of reimagined versions of previously released songs), which they obviously didn’t play. They were incredibly tight live and super enjoyable. Boston Manor was next. Another band that I’m not too familiar with, but they played fast, they played loud, and people were super in to it.

The venue had been slowly filling throughout the night and was basically full by the time that Knuckle Puck hit the stage. Playing a mix of old and new songs, KP came out of the gates fast and energetic, slowing down only to play “Untitled” and then later “Conduit.” About five songs in, there was a bit of a scuffle with security. They were incredibly rough with anyone who came over the barricade, being really rude and saying wildly inappropriate things to the band and the crowd. It subsided for a song or two but started back up again. With about two songs left, KP stopped mid-song when security started throwing kids out of the show. They argued with security, but it was pretty clear that they weren’t going to win. They decided to play one last song and Joe said something to the effect of, “This is the last song, so it doesn’t matter if they kick you out. They can’t catch us all,” and the crowd went nuts. Several people rushed the stage and there were stage divers all over. Unfortunately, the last song got cut short when someone went to dive and ended up either not getting caught or getting dropped (it happened pretty quickly and I wasn’t able to see it from where I was standing). While that should have been the end, security was standing in the crowd as kids were leaving and telling them that this was their fault and saying wildly rude and inappropriate things (again). It was an unfortunate decline in what was a really good show up until that point.

Jetty Bones

Hot Mulligan

Free Throw

Boston Manor

Knuckle Puck

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