Touché Amoré by Aspyn Garfield / Sick Snaps

On February 16, 2018, Touché Amoré celebrated two insurmountable milestones: 10 years as a band AND their 1,000th show. To commemorate this milestone, they invited their friends in La Dispute, Self Defense Family, and Warm Thoughts to play with them in Los Angeles. Warm Thoughts (not pictured) began the evening and played nearly all of their material. Warm Thoughts includes Elliot and Clayton from Touché Amoré. Near the end of their set, they mentioned they have a full-length dropping this summer. Self Defense Family (pictured below) followed. They delivered a blistering set of shouted spoken word tunes. I am not too familiar with Self Defense Family outside of their constant involvement in touring with Touché Amoré.

The Regent’s energy felt enlivened before La Dispute took the stage. La Dispute played a quick 45 minutes. Running through fan favorites (except “King Park”) from every release. The most fascinating part about watching their set from afar was witnessing every single person on the floor shouting ALL of the words Jordan Dreyer was shouting back at them. La Dispute opened and closed their set with “How I Feel” and “Why It Scares Me,” which are the their two respective songs from their split with Touché Amoré, both featuring Jeremy Bolm. Speeches from the opening bands were extremely wholesome, referencing that their (La Dispute, Self Defense Family, and Warm Thoughts) histories wouldn’t feel complete without the existence of Touché Amoré. As La Dispute finished, it was time.

In grandiose Touché Amoré fashion, they opened their set with “~,” the first song I ever heard by them back in 2011. They winded and weaved through fan favorites (even the first song they ever wrote), quickly transitioning from one to another. A few songs in, Jeremy gave an announcement that their set was being recorded for a live album, due out Summer 2018. The vitality in the room was unparalleled. Though I’m from Portland, I felt part of something larger in that room. I’ve never seen Touché Amoré play to more than 500 people, so seeing them play to more than double that, AND to hear 1000+ people screaming with me was an angelic feeling. As their set, prior to the encore, came to a close, the room didn’t hesitate to immediately start chanting “10 More Years.” Touché Amoré came back quickly, but they brought friends with them for the next four songs. Self Defense Family set up all of their equipment alongside Touché Amoré, and both bands collectively performed their entire split together. Following that chaos, Touché Amoré, accompanied by Jordan Dreyer, performed “I’ll Get My Just Deserve” and “I’ll Deserve Just That,” which has always been a dream of mine to witness. As expected, they closed their set with an ultimate scream-along to “Honest Sleep.”

Touché Amoré has remained a constant in my life for the last seven years and I am so happy to have been a part of both their 10-year anniversary and 1,000th show. Touché Amoré is a special band, to me, and to many others. Thank you, Touché Amoré. Cheers to 10 more years and 1,000 more shows.

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Written by Codie Porter
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