Knocked Loose by Harper King / Sick Snaps

Knocked Loose as well as many others rolled into Portland, OR on Wednesday March 14. Starting off the sold out show was Dying Wish and American Me from right here in Portland. Both provided lively and energetic sets, getting the entire audience moving. Crowd participation was, as expected, a theme throughout the night. Following American Me, Year of the Knife from Delaware gave Portland a dynamic show. The band’s energy onstage matched the movement and energy of the crowd. Taking the stage after was Jesus Piece. Prior to the set, anticipation in the crowd was at an all time high and it didn’t take long for everyone to start moving. Jesus Piece, from start to finish had everyone in the room active and having a good time. With plenty of crowd interaction and the sheer force from a sold out show, this set was one to remember. The crowd was not tired, but in action and ready when Terror took the stage. Not only was there audience excitement, but there was also high energy and movement onstage. Everyone in the room was ready for Knocked Loose. Knocked Loose took the stage and everyone was immediately shouting along. They closed out the show with the same amount of energy and vigor as each band before. The crowd did not hold back during this show, showing their love and support for each and every band that played. Every band showed Portland high energy, dynamic sets making this show one for the books.

Dying Wish


American Me


Year of the Knife


Jesus Piece




Knocked Loose

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Written by Harper King
Harper King is a photographer for Sick Snaps. She’s originally from Alaska, but moved to Portland to find more opportunities as a show photographer. You can find her listening to Bilmuri, Have Mercy, Sharptooth, Modern Baseball, State Champs, and many others.