COIN by Nik Stone / Sick Snaps

Coin rolled through Portland on March 12 at the Wonder Ballroom, and let me tell you, this was an experience you did not want to miss. The light show was incredible, it alone would have made the ticket well worth the money. Coin had an LED screen backlighting the band all the way from stage left to stage right. The screen wasn’t limited to just color either, throughout the show the screen showed some cinematics, displayed various song titles, the band’s name, and showed other images referencing lyrics throughout the night.

Coin’s singer (@Chase_Lawrence) came out and performed with so much energy getting everyone in the crowd involved. His vocals were almost spot on to sounding like the recorded versions of their songs. Chase made the most of the stage, moving from the farthest edges of stage left and right, giving every fan the experience they were there for. The band played perfectly, even during “Talk Too Much” when bassist Zachary Duke had to perform his bass lines on a guitar because he had broken his bass the song prior.

Now let’s talk about this crowd. I’ve been attending shows in Portland for a little over a decade now and I mean it when I say that I have never heard a crowd sing along louder than I have for Coin. The cheers were almost deafening when the intro to the songs “Fingers Crossed” and “Talk Too Much” started. This was truly a magical night and you better believe I’m gonna be marking my calendar the next time Coin is coming to town.


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