Photo of Prawn by Brian Benavente

Ridgewood, New Jersey’s Prawn came to Mississippi Studios on February 4th. They are touring on their recent record, Run, that came out on Topshelf Records, as well celebrating being a band for ten years. The band has had staples in the midwest emo/alternative genre, and to see them live was a treat. The bill was as diverse as it was amazing. The opening band was Lowglow, a local three-piece post-rock mixed with math-rock instrumental band. Second was Sól, another local group, self-described as a post-metal band. They completely blew me away; I have been calling them a mix of doom influence and New Bermuda-era Deafheaven. It was heavy and beautiful at the same time. They’re a band that I would say anybody could easily enjoy. Next up was Caravela, a two-piece brother band from New York City. It was upbeat and masterful musicianship with some fun sound clips in between. They recently released a new album called Ski. The brothers were having a blast and the chemistry was there: a lot of fun banter between the two and with the audience. Prawn came to finish off the night, and they played through a wide range of their discography. Prawn’s set felt like an absolute party. There was lots of dancing and singing along. Prawn made it known that Portland is beautiful and it feels like a second home. They have great friends here and that’s what it felt like the entire night. It was just a great gathering with four entirely different bands, but we all came together for the music and to have a blast…and I can safely say we all did.





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Written by Brian Benavente
Brian Benavente is a photographer for Sick Snaps. He’s from Alaska, but is currently residing in Portland, Oregon. His passions in life are coffee, film photography, and music. He shoots film to make a memory last a lifetime or two; whether that is his surroundings or shows, it’s just about the best moments of life.