Last Friday featured great new releases from artists like Brian Fallon and Dashboard Confessional (we highly recommend both of those records as well), but today we’re highlighting Run Home, the new EP from The Happy Alright!

The Happy Alright – Run Home

The Happy Alright’s new EP, Run Home, provides high energy jams that have just enough pop influence to make sure that you’ll remember every word, and just enough punk influence to provide opportunities for circle pits at the band’s shows. In this release, we see The Happy Alright moving forward from 2016’s Vacancies. They’ve naturally progressed a lot as musicians and as people in the past two years, and their hard work is noticeable in the overall quality and attention to detail in this new release. Each of these songs shows off their talents differently, but either way, “Mind Reader” is such a strong opener that it will hook you in for the remainder of the EP. Run Home is definitely for anyone who enjoys rocking out, and yelling along to catchy choruses. For pop-punk fans, The Happy Alright may just become your new favorite rising artist. –Cassie Wilson

Recommended Track: “Mind Reader”

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