Last Friday was another great day for new music with releases from bands like Tiny Moving Parts and Waterparks (full reviews of both coming soon), but right now we’re highlighting another great new record—Welcome Back by Handsome Ghost.

Handsome Ghost – Welcome Back

Since breaking out into the scene in 2014 with a few singles, Handsome Ghost has grown immensely. Welcome Back is the first debut record, allowing singer and songwriter Tim Noyes to expand and grow alongside producer and instrumentalist Eddie Byun. While much of Handsome Ghost’s tracks are focused around Noyes’ brilliant vocals and acoustic settings, Welcome Back allows for new influences, including some electric guitar, piano, keyboards and even some electronic beats to be fused into their sound. Handsome Ghost delivers just the right amount of lyrical and heartfelt songs that balance the balladry and minimal synth-pop found within the record. To those die-hard indie and alternative listeners, definitely check out this record. –Kerry Uram

Recommended Track: “Creatures”

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