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Los Angeles based electronic duo SWAN are set to release their debut EP tomorrow the 27th, but we have the stream a day early for you to check out below!

SWAN is made up of two Texan natives, Ryan Scott and Evolsi, who have up-and-moved their careers to the city of dreams just this past year. I’ve followed along with Evolsi for a while and have always enjoyed her candid insights on what it actually takes to chase a dream until it becomes your reality. When I saw that her duo was set to release their first official EP, I jumped at the chance to learn more about the process and was pleasantly surprised to find out they were just as eager as I was to share their music. I’m honored to be premiering SWAN, and am already at the edge of my seat to hear more from them.

In their own words, the ‘numb’ EP is a “conceptual project that depicts the ups and downs that follow finding out you have been cheated on. With each song playing another part in the story, it begins with “3am” (the initial breakup) and ends with “numb” (the summary). The final song that concludes the EP is a representation of the emptiness that comes from having your heart and your trust completely broken. This EP as a whole is a reminder that no matter how hard you try to use other people, drugs, sex, experiences, etc. to ‘numb’ you, at some point you’re going to have to face reality and deal with the problems head on. This EP was created to serve as a cathartic experience for us, as well as any listener who has ever been cheated on and had to deal with the pain of re-finding themselves without the identity of another person that they once loved.”

SWAN are right on the cusp of greatness following up the buzz of majorly successful single “So Young”, which landed them a top three spot on Spotify’s US & Global Charts. “numb” is just the beginning of this duo’s potential and they are already planning to release a thirteen-track mixtape in May to which this EP is merely a prologue. Be sure to keep your eyes on this contagiously determined duo.

For now, you can stream “numb” in its entirety below and watch out for their music video debut of track “Mistake” on Monday March 5th, 2018.

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Written by Nova Decks
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