Photo of All Pigs Must Die by Brian Benavente

To finish out my weekend of shooting a handful of shows (more content coming soon!), I had the absolute pleasure of seeing two bands that never really tour and haven’t played Portland in some time. With that, I saw the drummers of both bands recently at the Converge (Ben Koller) / Sumac (Nick Yacyshyn) show. It was incredible seeing them play so soon but with completely different bands from the previous experience.

Vancouver, BC’s Baptists played in Portland for the first time in four years. A band that I quickly fell in love with seven years ago with their fast and chaotic hardcore. It is in the vein of some of my favorite kind of music, but especially hardcore. Heavily influenced by bands like Cursed and Converge, it was incredible. All Pigs Must Die from Boston, MA headlined and they played around 45 minutes with a mix of their entire discography. The crowd went off completely for both bands, and they complemented each other so well. Considering what I first said about them not touring much, you could tell that the room was going to enjoy every single second of both bands. Seeing these two, I got lost during shooting, and had to enjoy the moment just as much as the crowd did. It was great to see two bands that I’ve loved for some time along with musicians that greatly influenced me when I was younger. The singer of APMD also sings for the Hope Conspiracy, a band that was my first glimpse into hardcore, and got me into everything that I am into today. It is safe to say that, for one reason or another, it was a memorable night for that entire room. Check out some photos of the show:


All Pigs Must Die

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Written by Brian Benavente
Brian Benavente is a photographer for Sick Snaps. He’s from Alaska, but is currently residing in Portland, Oregon. His passions in life are coffee, film photography, and music. He shoots film to make a memory last a lifetime or two; whether that is his surroundings or shows, it’s just about the best moments of life.