Photo of Glacier Veins by Brian Benavente

Portland was treated to a fun evening of DIY music on January 18th when touring bands Stickup Kid from California and Everyone Leaves from Ohio joined forces with Pacific Northwest staples Glacier Veins and Lo’ There to rock out at the Analog Cafe.

Tacoma’s Lo’ There opened the show and set the tone for the rest of the night. Their post-hardcore meets ambient emo vibe was the perfect middle ground between the rest of the bands on the bill, and watching them play their intricate, intense set was a joy. I was reminded of bands like Thrice and Circa Survive, but Lo’ There are hard to compare to anyone because of their fresh and unique sound.

After Lo’ There got the crowd warmed up, it was time for Portland’s Glacier Veins to bring down the house. Collectively, Sick Snaps has written more about Glacier Veins than any other band, which is partially due to their locality, but mostly to do with their incredible, awe inspiring talent. Every GV show oozes with passion and exuberance thus making the crowd feel like they’re a part of something special. This set was unique because the band is playing with a new drummer, but they still put on a joyous, exciting show, running through both new and old songs with finesse. Never, ever miss an opportunity to see Glacier Veins live.

It was time for the first touring band of the evening, Everyone Leaves, to play. I had been waiting almost three years for the band to finally make the trip out west, and as much as I wish it had happened years ago, their set was worth the wait. Playing a nice roster of songs from their catalog, as well as a couple of new songs that we’ll hopefully hear recorded soon, Everyone Leaves brought the emotion to the room. The band seemed incredibly grateful and humbled to play for a crowd so far away from home, and their happiness came across in their music. Getting to see the songs I’ve loved for so long come to life in front of me was a beautiful moment. If you haven’t listened to Everyone Leaves before, you absolutely should; their sound is unlike any other and their live show is full of humor, fun, and great musicianship.

Last up was Bay Area pop-punk band Stickup Kid. The band has been around for a long time, but has been pretty quiet the last couple of years because they’ve been recording a new album. We got to hear a few of those new songs, and they sound fantastic. Besides new material, the band played some old favorites like “The Depths of Me” and “What’s Missing” which were a pleasure to see as I’ve never gotten the chance to see Stickup Kid before. The crowd was pretty mellow the entire evening, but the band didn’t seem to mind the low energy and interacted with us as if we were old friends, rolling through a pretty lengthy setlist and as we bopped along with their catchy, melodic jams. Eventually the band played their last song “Lost” and ended the evening. It feels like Stickup Kid are entering a new era, and I’m excited to see what comes next for them. Witnessing live music is always a joy, but it’s an even bigger joy when every band that plays is as talented, kind, humble and friendly as the bands on this bill.

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Written by Julian Gray
Julian Gray is a writer for Sick Snaps whose favorite bands are Real Friends, Paramore, and The Maine, among many others. Besides traveling for, writing about, and generally obsessing over music, Julian also enjoys film and television, comedy podcasts, and Mexican food.