January releases are already proving 2018 to be another great year for new music. Today we’re highlighting We Were Younger and Less Put Together from Better Love, and Underworld from Tonight Alive!

Better Love – We Were Younger and Less Put Together

Better Love releasing We Were Younger and Less Put Together came as a surprise last week—a very exciting and wonderful surprise at that. If you’re unfamiliar, Better Love is primarily the creative endeavor of Brad Harvey (former vocalist/guitarist of Bonfires), but his former bandmates help him bring this project to life. Sonically, this EP really pushes progression and originality. Better Love doesn’t sound like any other upcoming rock band, and the way they experiment, and add layers to their music makes sure that you will discover something new with every listen. Those elements that may be a little more hidden are what rounds out their sound and makes it unique to them. On top of well-thought-out instrumentals are Harvey’s smooth vocals singing storytelling lyrics which will have you attached to this EP after just one listen. We Were Younger and Less Put Together feels like the start of something truly special for Better Love. –Cassie Wilson

Recommended Track: “Withered”

Tonight Alive – Underworld

After the radio-happy bliss of previous album Limitless, Australian born-and-raised group Tonight Alive are heaving back into their rock-centered-pop roots at full-force with Hopeless Records steady at their side. In their fourth studio album, Underworld, vocalist and songwriter Jenna McDougall confronts internal battles with careful progression. Feeling intoxicated with the lack of creative freedom on the previous album and label, Underworld presents us with the most captivatingly raw vocal performances thus far in their career. Each album cycle is a continuation of McDougall’s spiritual journey as she discovers how to feel, release, confront, help, and heal. Releasing the belief of control is a striking movement accompanied by the delicately placed drop-offs in the production where the vocals hit center stage. Every instrument gets highlighted with heavy-hitting drums and riffs alike that we’ve come to love throughout the years. Tonight Alive has the unique ability to carry you with them which transcends the veil of music. There are a few love songs that seem out of place with the theme of the record if we’re looking at it as a personal battle of control and confrontation of self. However, if these moments of surrender are McDougall’s proclamations to her own self learning to love unconditionally, then that is purest form of relinquished control. –Nova Decks

Recommended Track:Temple”

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