Photo of Trophy Eyes taken by Harper Lee

The second day of Trophy Eyes’ first US headliner was a sold out show for an energetic crowd downstairs at the Analog in Portland. Enjoy some photos and a little recap of the show!


Portland locals Hampton opened the show with their fun pop-rock influenced songs. It was their first show here in awhile, and they added Jon Dunne on guitar, and Tyler Groce switched to drums after Tate Mercer moved out of state. Hampton has two songs out, “Makeup” and “Without You,” so be sure to learn the words and go singalong with them tomorrow, December 13th, when they open for The Spill Canvas at the Hawthorne.

Head North

Head North was the first touring band of the night, and it was their first time in Portland since 2015, and they really are back and better than ever. The Buffalo band released a spectacular debut full-length earlier this year, and watching those tracks come to life was something special. “Head North Is a Business” and “By Presidential Decree” were definite highlights of their set because, simply put, they’re great rock songs complete with Head North’s magic touch. They played what was easily one of the best sets I’ve seen this year.


Grayscale gained quite the following this year! From their first full US with As It Is in May, to opening the Four Year Strong tour in September, and now this run, crowd enthusiasm continues to grow rapidly as more people get hooked on Adornment. Everyone immediately started moving as soon as Grayscale’s set began, and fans relentlessly crowdsurfed in the compact space while yelling every word to every song. 2018 is bound to be an even bigger year for this band, and I can’t wait to see what’s in store.

Free Throw

This was Free Throw’s second time in Portland since the release of Bear Your Mind, another fantastic record released this year, and as always, their set was very high energy. There’s always a feeling of eagerness in the room when Free Throw plays as fans anticipate what song will come next. The band played a solid mix of new and old tunes, and kept the crowd moving and warmed up for Trophy Eyes.

Trophy Eyes

This was Trophy Eyes’ first US headlining tour, and their fans were stoked. Most of their set was made up of songs from 2016’s Chemical Miracle, and they constantly kept their set pushing forward by leaving talking to a minimum between songs. They released a new single, “Hurt,” leading up to beginning this tour, and with the band’s change in sound on that song, it was a nice way to add some variety to their live performance. Trophy Eyes’ set came and went very quickly, and they were off to begin their long drive down the West Coast.

This tour wraps up in less than a week in the Northeast. These are all great upcoming artists, so be sure to check them out if you’re yet to be familiar with them! Find all of Trophy Eyes’ tour dates at!

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Written by Cassie Wilson
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