On October 20th, legendary ska-punk band the Aquabats came to the Wonder Ballroom in Portland. Sacramento’s Dog Party opened the show. The two piece sister band brought the energy along with a Bikini Kill cover. Local band Mean Jeans continued that high energy with their fun themed music. The Aquabats, with the success from their discography and recent TV show, brought out the punks and the punks’ kids. This might have been the most fun show I’ve ever been to; there was inflatable sharks, pizza, beach balls, skateboarding, and a mid-set fight with the Poodle People. It was a night to remember. Check out some photos of the show:

Dog Party

Mean Jeans

The Aquabats

All photos by Brian Benavente: Twitter | Instagram

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Written by Brian Benavente
Brian Benavente is a photographer for Sick Snaps. He’s from Alaska, but is currently residing in Portland, Oregon. His passions in life are coffee, film photography, and music. He shoots film to make a memory last a lifetime or two; whether that is his surroundings or shows, it’s just about the best moments of life.