2000’s emo rock has shown a metamorphic transformation through nothing,nowhere.; a Vermont based solo artist who combines SoundCloud beats with emotional emo bars. Reaper is a nine track definition of the current trends among America’s youth; who are inspired by DIY hip-hop vibes, but base their roots in the self-loathing mentality of the emo staples that took over the airwaves in their adolescence. Nothing,nowhere.’s honesty is brutal and upfront; showing the black and grim side effects of a self-inflicting hatred. While the message is constant, the delivery varies between a hard, fire spitting, even piercing rap journey to a soft, angelic, expression of the melancholy world he is trapped in.

Songs such as “Clarity In Kerosene,” a single from the album, demonstrate the internal anger felt towards his past and others involved in it. Lyrical aggression is transmitted through lines like, ‘I hope you choke in your sleep’ which shows the severity of a memory that continues to torment him. Along with the questioning of love and loyalty, nothing,nowhere. addresses an issue that goes hand-in-hand with a “meaningless” life, including the questioning of a higher being. He apologizes to his listeners for being “pessimistic,” but when it comes to God, he ‘just doesn’t believe it.’

Nothing,nowhere. distinguishes himself from others by connecting to a whole new group of listeners; those who have a hard time relating to the traditional rapper lifestyle, which is full of self-confidence and a sense of personal value and success. Reaper is ideal for anyone who wants a Linkin Park vibe and respects an uncensored, dark interpretation of our existence.

Recommended Track: “Houdini”

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Written by Elizabeth Face
Elizabeth Face is a Chico State graduate, who wishes to pursue her dream of music marketing. You can always find her wearing all black, with headphones in, probably listening to sad songs. Some of her favorite things in life include her two cats: Bandit and Nugget, Mexican food, and screaming along to songs she knows all the lyrics to at shows.