Photo of Citizen by Aspyn Garfield

Citizen, Sorority Noise, and Great Grandpa played a sold out fall show in Portland at The Analog Theater.

Great Grandpa kicked off the night with some upbeat songs, perfect for getting the crowd warmed up. Although there were some technical difficulties, Great Grandpa powered through and continued to play some songs off of their new album, Plastic Cough. Great Grandpa got the crowd excited with their lively screaming and harmonies, making this band a perfect addition to this fall tour package.

After Great Grandpa, Sorority Noise stepped onstage. Almost immediately there was a resounding applause from the audience. They started off their set with “A Portrait Of,” from You’re Not as ____ as You Think. There was an abundance of crowd support and movement during each song. Later in their set they started playing some older songs like “Using,” from Joy, Departed. This song got the entire crowd singing along! Following that was “Dirty Ickes,” a crowd favorite, from Sorority Noise’s 2014 full-length, Forgettable. Throughout their time on stage they continued to preach crowd safety. By the end of their set, the venue was packed wall to wall. All in all, Sorority Noise was definitely a crowd favorite on this tour.

Before Citizen stepped onstage, all of the lights went down and immediately made the crowd go wild. At this point, the venue was absolutely packed. Citizen recently released an album called As You Please, and the first song in their set, “Jet,” was also the first single released from the new record. Many of Citizen’s songs warranted full crowd singalongs, and the crowd was very active for the entirety of their set. Citizen proceeded to play a steady mix of songs from each of their albums, with a heavy focus on those from Youth. Throughout the show they had a good amount of banter with the audience, creating a welcoming vibe. After closing up their set with “Summer,” they came back onstage after crowd chanting and finished the night with “Flowerchild,” the last song on their new album.

At the end of the night, this show was one for the books. Every band contributed amazing music to a great bill, and did a great job creating a safe and welcoming environment.

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Written by Harper King
Harper King is a photographer for Sick Snaps. She’s originally from Alaska, but moved to Portland to find more opportunities as a show photographer. You can find her listening to Bilmuri, Have Mercy, Sharptooth, Modern Baseball, State Champs, and many others.