The new EP by The Lighthouse and the Whaler, titled Paths, came out last week, and it’s brought new colors into my daydreams. The record features beautiful, light vocals, catchy melodies, and drum beats that sprawl over the soundscapes. It combines the analog sounds of electric guitar, bass, and drums, with the infectious sounds of synth and vocal chorus, lacing each song with hints of disco, pop, rock, and indie flare.

Paths opens the track “Light Waves,” with a gentle kick drum and synth part introduction washing over the listener like the light waves it’s named after. Emotional vocals kick in while an acoustic guitar plays in the distance, and the song drags you into the record’s depths. The second track, “Made of Water,” features an anthemic chorus and a bouncy synth/guitar riff that will be stuck in your head for the next two weeks.

The third–and title–track is definitely my favorite on the EP. A driving clapping/drum beat leads the listener deeper into the song, into strong vocals and crashing musical effects. During the bridge, the music quiets down and the lead singer half-croons, half-laments, ‘I wonder how it felt, to be on the other side’, and you can feel it in your soul.

The next track, “Ascending,” carries the power and melody-heavy sounds of the first part of the EP. This song has a powerful chorus and more of the elegant-yet-stern drum beats that make the EP stand out the way it does. Finally, the last track, “We Can Make It,” closes out the record with a hopeful message: ‘We can make it, the light is just around the bend.”

Overall, Paths was an excellent listen start to finish. It felt cohesive, thoughtful, and powerful, all while maintaining a dream-like quality that is perfect for midday escapism and rainy afternoons. The Lighthouse and The Whaler did a great job with their latest release, and I can’t wait to hear what they come out with in the future.

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Written by Madeline Matthews
Madeline Matthews is a writer for Sick Snaps. Her favorite bands include: Fall Out Boy, Taking Back Sunday, No Plug., Say Anything, and Bird Teeth. Madeline attends PSU for Graphic Design and is the vocalist/guitarist for Portland rock band Waterfronts.