Today we’re highlighting three releases from last Friday that you may have missed! There’s always something new to check out, so enjoy some recent releases!

Bodyjar Terra Firma

Bodyjar does what punk artists do best—bluntly question authority with speedy and heavy anthems. It is no surprise that their beginnings trace back as far as 1991; a time where grunge tracks were made for the misunderstood teen. Now, Bodyjar has used the same formula to tackle current topics, including the artificial intelligence takeover. Terra Firma contains musical elements similar to NOFX, so this four track release is perfect for those who enjoy comical, bold lyrics and a drum-heavy experience. –Elizabeth Face

Recommended Track: “Elon Musk”

Mineral Girls This is the Last Time Every Time

This is the Last Time Every Time delves into the complex, saddened soul of an individual who is unsure about all aspects of life, ranging from God to girls. This kind of storytelling, emo vibe is one of the most truthful depictions of the innermost human thoughts. Mineral Girls use Seahaven-like vocals as a secret cry for help hidden under chill and accepting lyrics claiming that, ‘Everything is okay. Life just sucks.’ In addition, robotic interludes in various parts of the album further the idea of a human hiding away behind a lifeless being. This layering of emotions coupled with pretty guitar riffs leaves you looking internally for an ultimate understanding of one’s own self. Definitely an album to ponder alone in your room. –Elizabeth Face

Recommended Track: “This is the Last Time”

Sorority Noise – Alone

Alone, the new 6.5 minute long, two track 7” from Sorority Noise, serves as an extension of the releases before it. The name of the EP is one way to fill in the blank of You’re Not As _____ As You Think. In “Week 51,” Cameron Boucher’s voice is at a near-whisper as the lyrics to the song slowly spill out, and touch on the weight of the band’s previous lyrical content. It’s quite atmospheric musically, and then “Fermata” takes things up a small notch as we hear Boucher’s voice come forward. The instrumentals stay simple and subtle throughout both songs, and it’s a very enjoyable listen. It seems like Sorority Noise is always creating something new, and I love having these EPs in between albums. –Cassie Wilson

Recommended Track: “Week 51”

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