We’re highlighting three very different releases from last Friday, so there’s definitely something new for everyone to check out!

Cheem – Downhill

Connecticut band Cheem provide an indie/math release that finds them delivering a full-length of Look Mexico-esque soaring vocals over start/stop rhythms as anchored by their spritzy drummer. It’s a release sure to satisfy the needs of every odd meter music nerd who could never get over the shrieky vocal quirks delivered by some mathy contemporaries like Owls or Algernon Cadwallader. –Tony Vilorio

Recommended Track: “Freakazoid”

Citizen – As You Please

It was apparent from when Citizen released the album opener, “Jet,” that As You Please was going to be the band’s strongest release to date, and they proved it in the 11 songs that follow in the track list. Their previous album, Everybody Is Going To Heaven, was a solid transition from pop-punk (Youth) to a more rock-focused sound (As You Please). Citizen’s musicianship has naturally progressed and they provide us with bass-heavy, rock influenced instrumentals while Mat Kerekes’ dynamic vocals are a tasteful contrast on top of the guitars. As You Please is full of stand out lyrics that listeners will instantly connect with, but there’s also plenty of room for us to let our imaginations run wild. Each album the band creates is a huge step forward as they hone their unique sound, and As You Please is an exciting glimpse into the future of Citizen. –Cassie Wilson

Recommended Track: “Fever Days”

Cults – Offering

Cults have stayed true to their original indie-pop sound since their formation in 2010. I remember listening to the happy-go-lucky Manhattan duo on my silver iPod mini, and seven years later, they provide the same high pitched, sweet and innocent vocals that linger with the listener. The upbeat melodies mask the deeper, internal struggle of despair, loneliness, and sacrificial longing for a lost love. Offering acknowledges the textbook grieving process of a failed relationship; beginning with hopeless, selfish outreach and concluding with her personal acceptance that soulmates can’t always outlast the day to day lives that we all must live. –Elizabeth Face

Recommended Track: “Recovery”

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