When I first clicked play on Looming’s newest release, I was ready to be unimpressed. I didn’t find the name of either the album or the artist to be particularly appealing, and I had never heard of them before, so my expectation was to listen a couple times and write a lukewarm review of the piece. However, I was immediately won over by Looming’s power-driven sound and enticing vocals.

Seed opens with a minute-long intro that builds suspense in the listener and acts as the primer for the next song, “Down,” which is easily my favorite on the track list. This song opens with an intense drum beat and killer guitar riff that make for a stunning impact against the back end of the intro. If that weren’t enough to keep you listening, the lead vocalist comes in with such a punchy, unexpected sound, you can be sure it will be stuck in your head for days. Songs like “Down,” “Tried & True,” and “Majesty” are melody-heavy anthems that soar through the soundwaves and demand attention. Songs like the title track, “Seed,” as well as “Smoke” boast deep, warm bass parts you could almost drown in, and the last song, “Lace,” leaves such haunting note in your ears, there is no way not to return to the record.

One thing that really stands out about Looming’s new record is that each part excels on its own, and as a whole. Between the drums, guitar, bass, and vocals, there is no one part that outshines another, and absolutely no filler anywhere in the mix. Each aspect of the music seems to support and lift the other parts, instead of fighting for the listener’s attention, while at the same time holding their own. It’s not often I find music that is as self-aware and put-together as this.

Overall, Seed was a great record start to finish. Despite my initial reservations, this record made a fan out of me and I highly recommend it. Whether you stay for the commanding vocals or the drum beats you won’t find anywhere else, you’ll be hooked on the sound and heart that Looming is bringing to the table.

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Written by Madeline Matthews
Madeline Matthews is a writer for Sick Snaps. Her favorite bands include: Fall Out Boy, Taking Back Sunday, No Plug., Say Anything, and Bird Teeth. Madeline attends PSU for Graphic Design and is the vocalist/guitarist for Portland rock band Waterfronts.