Last week was a huge week for new music, so we wanted to make sure you didn’t miss these great records from END, Life Lessons and Small Circle!

END – From the Unforgiving Arms of God

From the Unforgiving Arms of God, the debut EP from recently formed hardcore supergroup END, is just as unforgiving as its title suggests. Featuring members of Counterparts, Fit For An Autopsy, Reign Supreme, and more, END sound pretty much how you would expect them to sound: violent, spastic, and heavy. The six track release doesn’t let up, devoting its entire 16 minute length to being punishing, feedback laden, and breakdown filled. The musicianship is obviously fantastic, given the band’s roster of established artists; vocalist Brendan Murphy delivers the most intense performance of his career, the guitar work is intricate and effective, especially on songs “Survived By Nothing” and “Love Let Me Die,” and the drums are hard-hitting throughout. Looking for an impressive, moody hardcore record to finish out your summer? END has provided it for you. –Julian Gray

Recommended Track: “Necessary Death”

Life Lessons – Best When in Motion

Life Lessons’ new EP, Best When in Motion, is their first release since signing to You Did This and Triple Crown Records. There’s already a lot of hype surrounding the band, especially as they embark on their biggest tour yet, opening for Four Year Strong across the US. The first track “Control” was a quick fan favorite, and is the perfect introduction to the band if you’re a first time listener. It’s hard-hitting pop-punk that’s easily lovable. Kaden Birdsong’s vocals are their strongest yet, and overall this EP feels like a very natural progression from I Know What I’m Not, as their musicianship has grown and they continue to lay down a solid foundation to grow from. Life Lessons is constantly working hard to take themselves to the next level, and the next year is sure to be huge for them! –Cassie Wilson

Recommended Track: “Without Looking Back”

Small Circle – Cyclical

Small Circle’s debut full-length, Cyclical, is yet another project I heard about through Cam Boucher’s involvement. This time he’s also joined by two more members of Sorority Noise, Adam Ackerman and Charlie Singer, to create a full band led by vocalist Marissa D’elia. Cyclical’s sound isn’t anything groundbreaking, but has hooked me a lot quicker than most indie-rock bands in the DIY scene. The second track, “Vague Consensus,” is the song that truly reeled me in. Lyrics aside, it sounds like how nostalgia feels. It leaves a sense of longing for a much more simple past. It gives me flashbacks to summer days growing up. The 10 track, 24 minute album is paced wonderfully and is full of warmth. Small Circle is the perfect band to listen to as the seasons change from summer to fall, and they come with enough groove to hit the spot whenever you’re unsure of what you’re in the mood to listen to. Cyclical gets better and even more mesmerizing with each play. –Cassie Wilson

Recommended Track: “Vague Consensus”

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