Based out of Boston, Future Teens is comprised of four unique, quirky ‘post-grads’ who accurately depict the modern 20-something experience in their first full-length album, Hard Feelings. The alternative bummer band began their musical journey in 2014 and haven’t stopped creating garage-rock style singalongs since their recent signing to Take This To Heart Records. Track after track is filled with adolescent longing for love, belonging and a sense of direction.

Opening with their single from the album “Sleep Schedule,” Future Teens explore the fundamental riffs of sad-rock though major focus on clear-cut power cords paired with corresponding drum beats. All and all these ideals are found throughout the entire ten track journey; allowing for a continuous flow of light head banging.

Lyrically, Hard Feelings is comprised of youthful lines representing the misunderstood and reckless mentality of America’s youngsters, who ultimately just want to love and be loved in return. This theme can be seen particularly in the last track “DTFL,” Upon first glimpse at the title, listeners may assume it is meant to represent an ever-so-popular hook-up acronym, however, the lyrics reveal the deeper meaning of the lonely speaker who is, ‘Down to fall in love,’ rather than go through the motions of a casual love get-down.

Future Teens addresses some dark, real life sh*t with humor and grace—even using horoscopes and astrology to explain the gut wrenching fright of commitment. Although this album will make you think and explore your own life, you won’t end up eating a gallon of ice cream while crying in your bed.

The album is streaming now over on Substream if you want an early listen!

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Written by Elizabeth Face
Elizabeth Face is a Chico State graduate, who wishes to pursue her dream of music marketing. You can always find her wearing all black, with headphones in, probably listening to sad songs. Some of her favorite things in life include her two cats: Bandit and Nugget, Mexican food, and screaming along to songs she knows all the lyrics to at shows.