Today we’re highlighting two great new releases from last week, and both just so happen to have been put out through Rise Records! Read about PVRIS and Valleyheart below:

PVRIS – All We Know Of Heaven, All We Need Of Hell

Massachusetts synth-rock trio PVRIS have released a wave of riveting captured memory with their sophomore album All We Know Of Heaven, All We Need Of Hell last Friday through Rise Records. Lynn Gunn, lyricist and vocalist, paints a mosaic of honesty that ripples through us as she encourages us to revel in every emotion. While their first full-length, White Noise, gave a glimpse of the darkness, their most recent faces it head on with a candid vulnerability. There is a lingering theme of duality within the ten tracks that force us to appreciate the light while also learning to see the importance of the dark. They carry on themes of religious notions and belonging cascaded with a newfound independence. –Nova Decks

Recommended Track: “Heaven”

Valleyheart – Nowadays

Nowadays was recommended to me by fellow contributor Codie Porter, and I couldn’t help but check it out after he said that the slower parts in Valleyheart’s music reminded him of From Indian Lakes while the heavier parts reminded him of Citizen. This EP is another perfect example of a band sounding absolutely massive, like their more well-known peers, even though most people aren’t yet familiar with them. Their choruses are infectiously catchy, and their vocals are emotionally captivating. Everything about these six songs is chillingly spot-on. After having Nowadays on repeat for an hour after my first listen, it’s pretty safe to say it’s become my favorite EP of 2017 thus far. –Cassie Wilson

Recommended Track: “Nowadays”

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