This week we have two very different records that we’re highlighting from last week’s new releases. Read a bit about Sine Cura and Soccer Mommy below:

Sine Cura – I Am Growing, Honestly

Sine Cura share their unique self-proclaimed “South Texas sad pop” with the world on their debut EP, I Am Growing, Honestly.  The EP at times feels like a throwback to the emotional pop-rock sound of the Drive Thru Records days (vocalist Ryan Taylor Bluhm’s laid back delivery on “Headache Remedy,” the drums throughout), but still utilizes newer influences and sounds (the incredible bass lines and guitar work on “Growing Pains” and “Pressing Flowers”). In fact, the bass is my favorite part of the record: bassist Kris Gallardo obviously knows how to squeeze as much out of his instrument as possible. I Am Growing, Honestly runs the gamut of emotional lyrics, pop-punk hooks and anthemic choruses, math-y guitar, pounding drums, and more, making this a genuinely surprising, engaging listen. On this release, Sine Cura have laid the groundwork to become one of the coolest, grooviest, and most unique emo bands in the game, and I’m excited to hear more from them in the future. –Julian Gray

Recommended Track: “Pressing Flowers”

Soccer Mommy – Collection

Soccer Mommy’s ‘bedroom-pop’ sound feels familiar and comforting after just one listen to their new record, Collection. I hadn’t heard Soccer Mommy prior to this release, but was intrigued by their name and caught by surprise on my first listen. Despite sounding upbeat and whimsical, the lyrics that Sophie Allison’s bright vocals sing tell a story of someone seeking to be better loved than the world has shown them, and we hear the hoping, wishing, and aching that comes with pining for someone new. Collection is eight tracks long and packed full of memorable dreamy guitar tones that’ll keep you warm year-round. –Cassie Wilson

Recommended Track: “Try”

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