After the amazing first half of 2017 made our expectations for new music keep growing, it takes truly special records to continue to ‘wow’ us. Both of these new releases do just that.

Manchester Orchestra – A Black Mile To The Surface

A Black Mile To The Surface is a daunting record to write about as someone who isn’t familiar with Manchester Orchestra’s previous work. I neglected to listen to the band until this album, and haven’t taken it off repeat since I first hit play. It’s massive even when it seems minimal. Each element is so delicately layered that nothing is ever drown out, but instead makes the listener continue to dive deeper into everything that’s happening. The crescendos, the pacing, the vocals, and even the 7 minute album closer are what make A Black Mile To The Surface such a spectacularly captivating record. Whether you’re a long time fan or have never even heard of Manchester Orchestra, this album is sure to steal your heart. –Cassie Wilson

Recommended Track: “The Gold”

Milk Teeth – Be Nice

Be Nice, the new EP from UK punk band Milk Teeth, is four refreshing, pop-influenced tracks that will make you wish this record was a full-length. There is no wasted space in this 12 minute release. It’s full of punk-esque tones that are laid out in rhythms to perfectly support Becky Blomfield’s infectious vocals as they passionately drive the catchy choruses. The way that Milk Teeth matured their sound on Be Nice has caught my ear more than anything the band has released prior, and their fluid shifts between poppy and angsty choruses hold my undivided attention and have me itching for more. –Cassie Wilson

Recommended Track: “Owning Your Okayness”

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