Photo of AFI by Andrew Le

Citizen, Circa Survive and AFI played a sold out Portland show on their second-to-last day of their US summer tour. Most of the crowd was unfamiliar with the youngest band on the bill, Citizen, but everyone was more attentive than many crowds usually are during opening artists. We got to enjoy hearing Citizen’s new single “Jet,” as well as an unreleased song, from As You Please (out Oct. 6th), which may be some of the band’s best work to date. Circa Survive really started to bring the room to life during their set. Anthony Green’s vocals were captivating, and the passion and energy each member of the band puts into their performance is enough to compel any new listeners to dive deeper into the world of Circa Survive, especially with their new record, The Amulet, coming out next month! The night was still young when AFI took control of the stage for the rest of the night which ended up coming to a close at 12:30am. Both the band and their fans who have grown with them over the past 20+ years were as lively and excited as ever, and AFI only continues to grow their following as well as their stage presence. Check out Andrew Le’s photos from the show below:


Circa Survive


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