The Weak Days, as well as a bunch of their friends, worked together to create a feel-good album that reminds listeners to put life’s problems into perspective and appreciate the good that exists, even if it is simply just being alive. One of the collaborators on this record, Koji, summed it up best at the end of “Kodachrome,”—‘If you are breathing, and there’s air in your lungs, there’s more right with you than there is wrong with you, so embrace that, and start embracing the world around you.’

Tight is a lively indie-punk record, and The Weak Days’ sound is infectious. As the layers of guitars and vocals build, it becomes impossible not to grin at some point during the album even if that’s during Chris Farren’s perfect contribution to the end of “PFWYWH.” This record was very clearly formed around the music community which makes it all the more special because it’s rare for lots of collaborations to happen within a 7 song release from a punk band. As The Weak Days mentioned on their Facebook, they want their band, ‘To be a platform for other people and for us to be able to collaborate and put people on who we love.’ I was very pleased to find a long list of credits for this album on The Weak Days’ Bandcamp because more often than not it’s hard to find even just one guest vocalist’s name when collaborations do happen in alternative music. The element of togetherness that Tight embodies fits well with the record’s whole idea of embracing the good in life and letting it be the primary focus instead of getting caught up and dwelling on hard times.

While encouraging a more positive perspective on life, The Weak Days don’t pretend like this view will eliminate bad days. They acknowledge mental illness, unhealthy thinking patterns, and that we’re all always learning how to best communicate which usually means remembering to truly listen to others who are struggling around us. They explain all of this with vividly detailed stories which, though more personal to the narrator, makes it even easier for listeners to understand and connect with the points they’re making with each song. We all occasionally need a reminder that not every problem we encounter is as big as we make it out to be. The Weak Days’ new album is a fun soundtrack to keep in mind that in the end, ‘Everything is tight.’

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Written by Cassie Wilson
Cassie Wilson is the founder of Sick Snaps, and an avid writer. Her favorite artists are constantly changing, but typically include: A Will Away, Knuckle Puck, The Maine, Homesafe, Glacier Veins, Lorde, and Julien Baker. Aside from Sick Snaps, Cassie is also the founder of Half Access, an organization advocating for increased accessibility at concert venues.