This week we’re highlighting the new albums from Arms and Ears as well as Ded! What have you been listening to?

Arms and Ears – Permastrange

Boston, Massachusetts indie-rockers Arms and Ears released their massive debut album this week entitled Permastrange, and it’s one you don’t want to let slip under the radar. I stumbled upon this band by some happy accident, and therefore don’t have much experience with their history or back catalog, but it’s obvious that Permastrange is an incredible accomplishment. Blending together a giant list of influences and sounds, Arms and Ears somehow create a cohesive, sprawling epic that is so goddamn catchy you won’t ever want to turn it off. The four song stretch of “Don’t Let Me,” “Lead Me Out,” “Slow Up (New Chill),” and “Astrosurf” is the perfect example of the wildly different styles that work together here: a Myspace-era-reminiscent dance-pop track, a radio ready indie-pop jam, a down tempo, 1975-esque track, and a ‘60’s garage/surf-rock track all exist right next to each other. It’s overwhelming and it’s awesome. Lead vocalist Rocco D’Angelo has a voice unlike any I’ve heard recently, and the synth and strings provided by Chris Mansi and Theresa Cleary respectively round out the record’s fresh, genre bending sound. If you’re looking for something forward thinking and totally amazing, don’t hesitate to give Permastange a listen! –Julian Gray

Recommended Track: “Don’t Let Me”

Ded – Mis•an•thrope

Mis•an•thrope is the first full-length album from Arizona based nu-metal band Ded, who blend breakdowns with expert lyricism to make a fun, hard-rock good time. The record flows nicely, providing the listener with anything from ideal headbanging tracks to soft-vocal centered slow jams. Standouts include “Anti-Everything,” which has everything from vocal sampling to heavy hitting guitar riffs, and the slow-melody driven “Beautiful,” which both show off lead singer Joe Cotela’s vocal range. Overall, Mis•an•thrope might not be the most unique rock record, but for fans of the genre it is definitely worth checking out. –Jordan Ryan

Recommended Track: “Anti-Everything”

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