This week Nova is highlighting the highly recommended Precious Art by Rozwell Kid!

Rozwell Kid – Precious Art

West Virginia fuzz-pop laced rock outfit Rozwell Kid have released yet another album full of infectious melodies and all-too-familiar humors from the road. Having just signed to SideOneDummy, Precious Art is bound to propel them even further into the spotlight with the recognition they’ve earned so casually. Although Weezer comparisons are frequent and undeniable, every song has its own Rozwell Kid emblematic dynamism to it. Whether singing about boogers on a phone screen, discarded clothes in a Wendy’s trash can, or the overall lethargy of touring, there’s an underlying theme of boredom and depressive complacence all compiled into a neatly nonchalant exterior. They know their songs are catchy and use that to their strength with buoyant singalongs and bouncy riffs that you’ll catch yourself gravitating towards. This is an album that will have you walking with a spring in your step, tapping on every surface as you go by, humming idly to its contagious cadence. –Nova Decks

Recommended Track: “Wendy’s Trash Can”

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