This week we’re highlighting why Hundredth and Hey Violet’s new albums stood out among last Friday’s releases.

Hey Violet From The Outside

Los Angeles raised outfit Hey Violet are fully embracing the world of pop with their debut album From The Outside. Rena Lovelis (vocals) finds her voice properly suited in its new home in opening track “Break My Heart.” Hey Violet have always had an aura of valiant identity. This album is ambitious and opens up a wide variety of opportunities by experimenting with sound and channeling vast influences seamlessly. They sometimes wind up a bit too far from the base of the album, but always find their way to come back to harbor. Without completely abandoning their punk roots, album closer “This Is Me Breaking Up With You” is an angsty farewell to settling down and perhaps furthermore a veiled ode to their former self. Watch out for Hey Violet, they’re boldly beginning their venture and aren’t boxing themselves into one genre just yet. –Nova Decks

Recommended Track: “Break My Heart”

Hundredth – RARE

Hundredth did a complete 180 releasing RARE. They are entirely leaving the traditional hardcore sound they’ve been composing for years, and introducing a dream punk vibe, reminiscent of Balance And Composure. Hundredth has produced their most inspired material since their 2011 release, Let Go. Many will turn away from this record due to the drastic change in sound, but I’m more than willing to admit it is, without a doubt, Hundredth’s masterpiece. The beautiful landscape they create within the walls of each song is truly something unearthly. Just recently, I caught Hundredth at the Vans Warped Tour, and they boldly played only songs from RARE, on a hardcore/metal stage. As expected, many did not take to it well, but I was enjoying every second, and truly seeing how much they believed in these songs. RARE is the perfect album for late night drives or spending alone time with your significant other. It’s definitely a ‘scenery record,’ so take advantage of that and get lost. –Codie Porter

Recommended Track: “Vertigo”

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