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Today, Another Musician streams his new single and announces his first EP in four years, titled Farewell (out 7/14).

The brain behind Another Musician is Craig Bidiman. Much like Touché Amoré’s 2016 release, Stage Four, the new EP serves as a stepping stone in Bidiman overcoming the death of his father. To fund the release, Bidiman reached out to his fans to help out a little less than a year ago on Kickstarter.

Unlike his last EP, With Foreign Lips And Strange Tongues, “Active Ghosts” features a departure from the acoustic element into a full band structure. The song, of course, began as an acoustic demo, then evolved into this final piece of music. “Active Ghosts” is visceral and harrowing, and completely sets the tone for Farewell. Bidiman offered some insight into the title of the track, as well.

Bidiman says:

“The title of the song actually derives from the Neil Degrasse Tyson remake of Cosmos, where Tyson discusses how when stars die, they leave remnants in the atmosphere, like active ghosts in the universe. This concept resonated with me and I immediately attached the idea to losing my father and trying to feel his presence somewhere now that he is gone. And this concept is alluded to later on the EP.”


  1. Farewell
  2. Active Ghosts
  3. Bastard Son
  4. Forgive
  5. Enamor Me (Pianos Become The Teeth cover)

Farewell will be released on 7/14.

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Written by Codie Porter
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