Read a bit about two great records that came out last Friday!

The Lulls In Traffic – Rabbit In The Snare

Collaborative duo The Lulls In Traffic have released their long-awaited 11-track album, Rabbit In The Snare, glistening with clean production. Gently weaving between genres from hip-hop to indie, it’s brimming with harmonious undertones. This seven year project in the making elegantly transports us further into the minds of Copeland frontman, Aaron Marsh and poet, Ivan Ives. Throughout its 41 minute duration, Ives keeps us enthralled with his haunting spoken-word storytelling accompanied by Marsh’s elegant musicality and comforting vocals. This stripped down composition highlights every detail capturing a unique visual component prominent within its sound. Marsh is sure to leave art wherever he goes, no matter which project he’s working on currently. You can feel the sincerity and heart in the seven year process Rabbit In The Snare has been. –Nova Decks

Recommended Track: “Rabbit In The Snare”

Pet Symmetry – Visions

There’s something about Evan Weiss’ songwriting that resonates with me, no matter what project it is. Last year, his latest Into It. Over It. record, Standards, made my top 25 at the end of 2016. It wouldn’t surprise me if Visions did the same for my list at the end 2017. Weiss, Erik Czaja (Dowsing), and Marcus Nuccio (What Gives) breeze through 11 songs wondrously, with elegant pacing in this album’s 30 minute duration. It’s not much of a departure from the emo sounds of II.OI., but what sets this project apart from II.OI. is the subtle blend of power-pop sonics to coincide with the emo lyricism. Pet Symmetry’s latest is sure to linger in your mind long after it’s finished. From the first vocal belt by Weiss, to the massive voice layering to close the record, your attention span never ceases. Bring on whatever vision is next, Mr. Weiss. We’re paying attention. –Codie Porter

Recommended Track: “LTCTLYB”

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