It’s been a busy past week for the Sick Snaps team, but as with every week, there was at least one album that couldn’t go without mentioning.

Flor – come out. you’re hiding

Originating from Hood River, Oregon, the now LA based indie-pop band, Flor, is making waves with their debut full-length, come out. you’re hiding. The ten track record consists of several songs that Flor’s original fans have already heard on a past EP that’s notably been removed from streaming services, but it was definitely the right move for the band. If you’re new to Flor, it would be impossible to decipher between the old and new songs because they blend together beautifully. This album is atmospheric and irresistibly groovy. The closer “overbehind” is one of my favorite Flor songs, possibly based on how wholesome of a singalong it was when they played it for the first time in Portland late last year. Flor is on the verge of being propelled into new heights in their career as they’ve consistently toured with other massive indie names. Come out of hiding and listen to their official debut. –Cassie Wilson

Recommended Track: “restless soul”

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