There’s a good chance that you’ve had Paramore’s After Laughter or Harry Styles’ self-titled debut on repeat since Friday, so we wanted to make sure you didn’t miss out on the other great records that were released on May 12th!


DREAMCAR is an entirely new vehicle for Davey Havok (vocalist of AFI) and the instrumentalists of No Doubt. With sounds that range from pop, rock, new wave, and even post-punk, this supergroup continually pushes the envelope as each song develops into something larger. Unlike with the last few AFI releases, this one feels right for Havok. All in tone, lyrical content, and the way he uses his voice. No offense to the last three AFI releases, but DREAMCAR seems like the perfect fit for Havok right now, though with this being a supergroup/side-project, that might not be the case. Between the shimmering guitar/bass parts and the smooth percussion to cohesively compliment Havok’s voice, DREAMCAR is sure to be a project that might leave the band questioning “should we continue with this after this record?” The answer is yes. DREAMCAR is something special. –Codie Porter

Recommended track: “After I Confessed”

Safe Bet – What’s Left Of This

Safe Bet’s What’s Left Of This is a captivating pop-punk influenced acoustic EP that can comfortably hold its own alongside full-band records, and I’m sure you’ll find yourself nodding along to these five tracks. Each song feels full with harmonies and guitar layering filling any empty space. This EP is adaptable to your mood and your surroundings—it can be a relaxed listen, or one that makes you want to yell along. What’s Left Of This is easily one of my favorite EPs of 2017 thus far. –Cassie Wilson

Recommended Track: “Figure This Out”

Wore – Different Houses

Although Different Houses is just a two song EP, “Bleached” and “Ultraviolet” are worthy of a spot on your summer jams playlist. Initially, their influence from Citizen and Basement pops out, but as the two tracks go on, Wore settles into their own sound with heavier punk influence towards the end of “Ultraviolet.” Wore is bursting with potential, and I’m ready for more. –Cassie Wilson

Recommended Track: “Ultraviolet”

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