Daisyhead’s sophomore album In Case You Missed It dropped April 28th and it couldn’t have come at a better time.

In an era of post-modern innovation, simple yet catchy projects are few and far between. I found myself nodding my head to almost every one of the eleven songs, mournfully at first, but by the last few songs, it had evolved into furious head banging as my inner teen angst was released in drastic proportions.

However, it was almost too typical. It was almost too angsty. Don’t get me wrong, it’s worth every second that you allow it to share your airwaves, however, there’s nothing new to be found. For many, that is the very point. Sometimes we want to watch that boy meets girl movie where we know exactly how it’s going to end up and love every second of it.

In a time where society is more progressed by social and artistic innovation than anything else, one wonders if there really was a necessity for a rock project that sounded like any other. Or have we become spoiled and insatiable for new and exciting sounds/progressions in music?

Perhaps, we need that occasional reassurance that normal things do happen. Perhaps we need to get in touch with our old teen emotions and just jam out while playing air guitar and screeching the lyrics at the top of our exuberant lungs. The guitar riffs on this album is really what is at its core, often striking you to yours.

The band went through close calls with members leaving only to be replaced with fresh faces at a time where nobody was really even sure if there was a band anymore. One can admire the unflinching raw spirit that embodies In Case You Missed It that is reminiscent of cool summer breezes back in a time where everything seemed harder, but is envious to us now.

Be sure to catch Daisyhead on their spring headlining US tour! Check out all of the dates and respective supporting bands here.

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