Daisyhead, Fossil Youth and Sundressed made their way to Portland on May 16th to play the stacked show we’d all been looking forward to with locals Glacier Veins and Hampton.

Hampton kicked the evening off for their “first” show after making a surprise appearance earlier this month for Noise Brigade’s tour kickoff. I thought I knew what to expect having just seen them, but the Analog’s sound system is so immensely better than Smart Collective’s that I was amazed at the difference it made in the clarity of Hampton’s music. Their 2000’s pop-punk and emo influences shined brightly, and had everyone bopping along. Everyone in the band strongly connects with one another which surely adds to their crisp, cohesive sound. Hampton will have a single out soon once they record vocals, so keep an eye out for that!

Glacier Veins made their first full-band appearance in awhile, this time as a three piece. Vocalist/guitarist Malia Endres is moving the band forward as her project, though it technically always has been, and then having friends help out on stage and in the studio whenever she can. Endres, Tyler Groce, and Sanya Cowal brought a ton of energy alive in the room as everyone sang along—although, having lead guitar would’ve taken things to the next level and brought the ‘dream’ alive in their ‘dream punk’ sound. Nevertheless, it was great to hear a handful of songs from Clear Your Head as well as two newer songs. Glacier Veins closed with “Not Gonna Stay” and Endres taught everyone a line before starting the song, so at the end, the whole room was yelling it which is one of my favorite parts of going to shows.

Arizona band Sundressed barely made it to Portland this time around. Their van broke down a couple hours south and needed a costly repair, so the repair shop let Sundressed borrow a minivan to drive up here for the show, and then they borrowed Fossil Youth and Daisyhead’s gear to play their set. I was eager to hear songs from their new album, A Little Less Put Together, and naturally they primarily played from that record with some of my favorites like “Of Course,” “Autopilot,” and the title track. This was the first time I’ve seen Sundressed play on an actual stage, and it definitely enhanced their stage presence and energy because they had more room to move around. Vocalist Trevor Hedges seemed more comfortable and confident than ever, even though it had been a stressful day. The harmonies between Hedges and guitarist Forest Walldorf were beyond pleasing as this was the nicest sound system I’ve heard the band play through live. Sundressed consistently puts maximum effort into everything they do. They just announced a summer tour with Anarbor, and they’re currently in a competition presented by Southwest Airlines to open for The Fray in Colorado, so be sure to vote here for them!!

This was Fossil Youth’s first time playing in Portland, and they were one of the key reasons I was so excited for this show. After their release of A Glimpse Of Self Joy last year, they quickly became a must-see band, for me. Fossil Youth’s music is even more emotional and passionate live. Songs like “Late Night Swim” and “Watercolor Daydream” packed an extra punch that got me even more hooked on the band’s standout sound. Fossil Youth’s energy was contagious, and their set caught a lot of people by surprise based on everyone I talked to after the show. They closed with the somber “Sitting In A Spinning Room” which is easily the most emotionally-heavy track on their album, and it made for a strong conclusion to their time on stage.

Daisyhead headlined this tour in support of their new record, In Case You Missed It. It was the band’s second time in Portland, and this time was my favorite of the two times. I had only given Daisyhead’s new album a casual listen or two before this show, but the way that these songs came to life on stage captivated the room and left me ready for more. I spent the majority of their set focusing on really familiarizing myself with their sound. Some of their standout songs were “Common Ground” and “Never Know.” They played a few older tunes as well, but from my understanding, Daisyhead has gone through a lot of lineup changes since their 2015 album, The Smallest Light. This was especially confirmed when a fan shouted for them to play the title track, “The Smallest Light,” but they couldn’t fulfill that request because they didn’t know how to play it anymore. It felt like a new, refreshing beginning for the band. I was so into their set that I felt a twinge of sadness when they announced that they only had one more song left. Daisyhead’s set gave me a much stronger love for In Case You Missed It, and they’re undoubtedly going to keep turning heads as they continue pushing this record.

It’s only May, but this show already stands as one of my favorites of 2017.

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Written by Cassie Wilson
Cassie Wilson is the founder of Sick Snaps, and an avid writer. Her favorite artists are constantly changing, but typically include: A Will Away, Knuckle Puck, The Maine, Homesafe, Glacier Veins, Lorde, and Julien Baker. Aside from Sick Snaps, Cassie is also the founder of Half Access, an organization advocating for increased accessibility at concert venues.