Chin Up, Kid released their debut full-length, Swing With Your Eyes Closed, on April 28th via Standby Records.

Pop-punk bands are what got me into alternative music as a whole, which has resulted in me feeling a bit burnt out on anything new I hear from the genre lately. While a lot of bands are blending in, Chin Up, Kid is standing out in their own way. Sonically, they still have relatively similar things to offer that we’ve all heard done before, but lyrically, they take an angle that isn’t seen often enough.

As their name suggests, Chin Up, Kid have found the good in everything. Most of the songs on this album are largely motivational, uplifting or empathetic. On my first listen, I almost found it a bit cheesy, but at the end of the day, the alternative scene needs more perspectives like this. Swing With Your Eyes Closed shows that you don’t have to be sad to create, and even if you are sad, there’s a lot of different ways to look at your current situation. Chin Up, Kid isn’t always blatantly optimistic, but the mix of perspectives is refreshing.

Like I stated before, there’s really nothing unheard of musically on this album. The rhythms are catchy and the vocals are strong, but this is where I hope to see the band focus on experimenting for future releases. Their foundation is solid, and from what I’ve heard they have the potential to push themselves beyond where they’re at now. Nevertheless, songs like “Tensions,” “Look Around,” and “Turning Point” will end up on some of my most listened to playlists. Throughout the last few tracks on Swing With Your Eyes Closed, there are some seemingly random hardcore influenced parts, particularly with the vocals, which felt like an interruption to the cohesion. It makes me wonder how they’d sound as an aggressive pop-punk band, if they were to seamlessly melt those influences together.

Swing With Your Eyes Closed is definitely worth a listen. If you’re not burning out on pop-punk, then you’ll likely love this album. I’m thrilled to have more self-empowering jams in my music library, and eager to see how Chin Up, Kid continues to progress.

The band is setting out on two different US tours in the coming months, so check out dates for those on their social media pages!

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Written by Cassie Wilson
Cassie Wilson is the founder of Sick Snaps, and an avid writer. Her favorite artists are constantly changing, but typically include: A Will Away, Knuckle Puck, The Maine, Homesafe, Glacier Veins, Lorde, and Julien Baker. Aside from Sick Snaps, Cassie is also the founder of Half Access, an organization advocating for increased accessibility at concert venues.