On April 14th, Tigerwine dropped their latest studio effort, Die With Your Tongue Out, via Blood & Ink Records.

The first time I saw Tigerwine was in a small room with maybe ten other people in attendance while they were on tour in support of 2015’s Lull. I remember thinking to myself, ‘These guys need to be known,’ and fast forward to early April 2017, they are. Tigerwine came back through our area to a group 4x as large as last time. Wow, what happened?

Photos of Tigerwine in Grants Pass, OR by Chad Briggs Photography

With their latest release I could hear a more refined sound than I did previously. There are so many new, fresh concepts to keep things interesting while enough of the old familiar sound to remind us that yes, this is still Tigerwine.

The album opens up with the short, but powerful, “Kiku.” Almost immediately, you can hear the post-hardcore nuances with which Tigerwine has defined themselves, but with underlying grunge tones that make it known they’re out for blood. The ten tracks that follow are nothing short of not only a brilliant display of vocalist Hayden Trobee’s range, see “110” and “Sign” for examples, but also the sheer amount of talent shown by the other members Sean McKnight, Steve Lichenwalter, and Shane Riley.

Coming in at just under 35 minutes, I believe this album is the perfect length for it’s genre. Any longer and I feel I’d find myself starting to get a little bored, while on the flip side, if it were any shorter I know I’d be pining for just 30 seconds more. If you were already a fan of Tigerwine you’ll find a renewed sense of pride in that, and if this is your first exposure, all I can say is, ‘Welcome to the pack.’

Recommended Tracks: “Double-Edged” and “Sign”

Die With Your Tongue Out: Physical copies | Bandcamp | iTunes | Spotify

Tigerwine: Twitter | Facebook

Written by Kevin Caldwell
Kevin Caldwell is a writer for Sick Snaps, and a vinyl record and film enthusiast. He was the 2006 Time Person of the Year. His favorite bands are blink-182, The Cure, Beastie Boys, The Get Up Kids and Fireworks. When he isn’t booking shows in Medford, OR, he dreams of being a media mogul or reading the latest manga.