New Found Glory comes out strong with their 9th studio album Makes Me Sick that came out April 28th via Hopeless Records.

Florida pop-punk dads New Found Glory are out to show they haven’t lost their Not Without a Fight mantra from days gone by. Makes Me Sick is their second album since their less than subtle split with former member, and chief lyricist, Steve Klein. Beginning with 2014’s Resurrection, primary songwriting duties fell upon lead guitarist Chad Gilbert, and with that transition, started their new found glory days (pun intended).

With their most recent release prior to this, the content was very much about dealing with the departure of Klein and rebuilding themselves. Makes Me Sick could very well be the sequel in a saga about growing up and moving forward in life. New Found Glory are at a stage in their career where they don’t need to impress anyone. Many acts have gone on record stating that they frankly wouldn’t exist without them. Bands such as All Time Low & The Story So Far even went as far as to lift their names straight from New Found Glory lyrics, talk about a powerful band.

The album opens up with the aggressive “Your Jokes Aren’t Funny.” Vocalist Jordan Pundik has no more room for hooey in his life, and it shows through beautifully. A new addition to their already well-defined and frankly iconic sound is a tastefully added synth riff that’s not overused, but definitely makes its presence known. Skip a couple tracks to the lead single, “Happy Being Miserable,” and you’ll immediately realize that New Found Glory aren’t going to put up with those who don’t appreciate them with the soon to be iconic line, ‘I’ll save my best for someone else.’ The following track, “The Sound of Two Voices,” is a totally out of left field game changer. It sounds like it could have easily been, at one point in time, a Beach Boys track which matches with the album artwork aesthetic perfectly.

Overall, after what some would consider to be “Hit Or Miss” (once again, pun intended) albums from New Found Glory, I think it’s safe to say that they’re stronger than ever. If you’re already a fan of New Found Glory, then you’ll have no trouble finding something to love about this album. If this is your first listen, I do recommend checking out their back catalog, first, to feel the full effect of this album, and to get better acquainted with the boys who became men. With a renewed sense of purpose Jordan Pundik, Chad Gilbert, Ian Grushka & Cyrus Bolooki are here, once again, to exclaim that pop-punk is in fact, not dead.

Recommended Tracks: “Party On Apocalypse,” “Call Me Anti-Social,” and “The Sound of Two Voices”

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Written by Kevin Caldwell
Kevin Caldwell is a writer for Sick Snaps, and a vinyl record and film enthusiast. He was the 2006 Time Person of the Year. His favorite bands are blink-182, The Cure, Beastie Boys, The Get Up Kids and Fireworks. When he isn’t booking shows in Medford, OR, he dreams of being a media mogul or reading the latest manga.