Underground rap hasn’t been so underground these days, with major Facebook groups such as Young Thugga La Group (YTLG) helping to give their favorite artists more exposure than they would normally get. The days of standing on the corner with your mixtape evolved into pushing your soundcloud, which now seems to have found a solid platform on Facebook in order to build a solid and loyal fanbase.

Bill $aber is one of the best in the scene at the moment, with hundreds of thousands of plays on his soundcloud (linked below). The culture itself has been rapidly evolving and changing so fastly it seems that whenever an artist comes out with a unique sound there are five wannabees right behind. $aber has that sound that makes your inner ram burst out. As opposed to other underground voices, Bill’s raw sound is a slow burning build up of anxious courage. Not as in your face as widely publicized XXXtentacion’s unique sound, but just as furious.

As for predictions for what that road may hold, many are hoping for a feature with the modern day prophet of the game, Young Thug. A rise to the top is never out of the question, and $aber is so full of positivity he’s giving Lil’ Yachty a run for his money. Practicing what he preaches shows authenticity and nobility, a rare combination anymore.

If you’re just starting out in his music, I recommend “Creepin N Lurkin,” along with the classic banger, “Applesauce.”

He knows the road that lies ahead, and $aber is ready to face it, horns raised high.