Check out which new releases we loved from April 21st!

Charly Bliss – Guppy

The debut album from New York power-pop foursome Charly Bliss is full of self-assured hooks and melodies that will refuse to leave your head. Guppy is an intoxicating mix of fuzzy, grungy, bubblegum pop with enough precise musicianship to appeal to anyone. Vocalist and guitarist Eva Hendricks’ sugary sweet voice and lyrical wit make this record an instant indie-punk classic. In ten tracks, Guppy proves itself catchy as hell with a slick ‘90s vibe; enough to become the soundtrack to my summer. –Julian Gray

Recommended Track: “Percolator”

The Winter Passing – Double Exposure

From the first track to the finish, you feel like you’re listening to something personal, yet incredibly special. A follow-up to their 2015 LP, A Different Space Of Mind, Double Exposure stands out as an evolution in both sound and songwriting. Predominantly created by brother/sister duo Rob and Kate Flynn, the EP dives into relatable and real topics, such as anxiety, well-being, and mental health awareness. What makes their lyricism unique is their approach to write parallel perspectives that balance what one another are experiencing. With a sound reminiscent like Modern Baseball with a twinge of Julien Baker, this EP is sure to resonate with any listener doing their best to step out of the real world for twenty minutes and feel a form of assurance that other people feel the way they do in their mind. This is music for escapism, feel your release. –Codie Porter

Recommended Track: “Paper Rabbit”

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