Boise, ID outfit Western Daughter have really broken the genre mold with their latest effort, Driftwood Songs, which was released on March 24th via Take This To Heart Records.

Upon my first full listen, I was taken aback by how many different sounds I was hearing. One song had me thinking I was in the presence of a younger Against Me!, while another had me thinking I was listening to a country band in some midwest-nowhere bar. Truth be told, it was hard for me to grasp what emotions they were trying to get me to feel, and maybe that was the point.

At the time of this review I wasn’t necessarily a savant in regards to their past work, so I took it upon myself to dig through their admittedly short back catalog. You can really tell how much Western Daughter has been able to refine their craft in such a short amount of time from when As The Sun Went Down was released back in late 2015.

It astounds me that a band like this from the Northwest has flown under the mainstream radar for so long. With the right strides (such as an appearance at Treefort Festival this week), I have no doubt that Western Daughter will be catapulted to that long sought-after pedestal that is ‘stardom.’

Recommended tracks: “Exhibition On Main St,” “San Francisco” and “Pillars of Salt”


Listen to Driftwood Songs: physical copies | Bandcamp | iTunes | Spotify

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Written by Kevin Caldwell
Kevin Caldwell is a writer for Sick Snaps, and a vinyl record and film enthusiast. He was the 2006 Time Person of the Year. His favorite bands are blink-182, The Cure, Beastie Boys, The Get Up Kids and Fireworks. When he isn’t booking shows in Medford, OR, he dreams of being a media mogul or reading the latest manga.